Bag in tubes, Easy BIT - For fine wines, oils & fruit juices

Easy way to MANUALLY fill the Bag in Tube, Easy BIT: developed for small quantities – high quality wines, fruit juices, oils etc... The cylindrical tube recalls the shape of the traditional glass wine bottle. The removable plug lid makes it easy to manually fill the tube with the pre-filled bag with VITOP tap.

Easy BIT - Technical Sheet

INTERNAL Ø Diameter: 133 mm
STANDARD Height: 290 mm
TUBE: Recycled Board + personalized print + end seamed on
BAG: with VITOP tap

Confezionamento manuale

Introduction into TUBE
Internal BAG: insert into tube after filling
CHORD Application
Black Handle: insert the metal ends into the designated holes once the bag is in position
Top Closure
Black plug Lid: In tinplate (supplied loose)
Pre-cut: to position VITOP tap outside of tube
Multiple... applications
  • OILS

VITOP tap - Always good down to the last drop

The Vitop tap combines elegance and practicality, adding value to the BAG in TUBE package through its unique design.
A frontal tamper-proof tear strip blocks the tap in a closed position until removed by the end-user, ensuring product integrity.
Once opened, our tap is particularly easy to use. A small amount of pressure is sufficient to obtain a regular flow rate.
The Vitop tap has been designed to greatly reduce oxygen permeation and to insure a tight seal. Each tap must pass a tightness test of 0.4 bars of pressure.